Practising my Illustrator skills

  Last week I started a short Adobe Illustrator course at Immer Urlaub in Utrecht. So I have been doing some practising. Greatest thing about small kids is, that they still love almost everything I do or make (except for my cooking). So they printed the illustrations out to hang …


Work in progress

It’s grey and rainy on the first day of autumn break. Fortunately these xl large coloring pages from Makii take the kids …

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon and sugar love

The kids do love sugar. So once in a while we make these soft and sweet cinnamon rolls with lots of cinnamon …


Home made granola

  Granola is basically toasted oat and really easy to make yourself. All you need is some oat and spelt flakes. Some …

Cactus plant hangers


Two weeks ago vintage lover Ruth_ela asked me to show my 5 interior favourites on Instagram. Which means you have to post …

Diamond copper lamp

Diamond lamp

Just want to show your this great new lamp in our living room. This copper pendant in the shape of a diamond …


Steller story

  I have recently discovered Steller. Just like Instagram it’s a social media app based on photo’s. But it’s not just sharing …

Veggie burger

Veggie burger addicts

Simon loves to make delicious homemade veggie burgers. But we are also huge fans of the mc2 Burgers from De Vegetarische Slager (The …

Instagram collage August

Bye bye August

Bye bye August. You were great! Again August proofed to be our most favourite month of the year. There was some rain, …


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